Blaine Benson

Freedom Coach

Blaine Benson is a personal life coach who helps women in their 20's overcome depression and create meaningful and fulfilling lives for themselves.

As someone who has dealt with depression for most of her adult life it has now become her focus to help other women break free from the grip of depression and live with purpose and passion.

Blaine is committed to bettering the lives of all her clients and offers a wide range of support and services including one-on-one coaching and a variety of classes, groups, courses and online programs.
My Journey to Success

Starting from when I was a child I always cared about the well being of others. In my teen years I developed a natural ability to guide and encourage people and friends and family often came to me for help. When I reached my 20's, however, I began to experience depression. Life wasn't going as I had planned and I was feeling helpless to change it. I wanted more out of life but wasn't sure how to get it. My depression got worse and eventually I had almost no will to live. My life was feeling empty and no matter what I tried to do I could not find enjoyment in anything. I had highs and lows but eventually depression had hit its peak and I could not stand to live one more day, hour, minute or second in the state I was in. 

So, I decided I was going to commit an entire year to changing and improving my life. And yes, I had made past attempts to get better but they often only lasted a day or two. This time I was going to devote the next year to learning, reading, researching, experimenting and doing whatever it took to overcome depression and create the life I wanted to live. I had always known that I was meant to spend my life helping others improve their lives but first I had to help myself and I was now determined to make it happen. The next year would be the birth of the "new me".

Although I started off excited and motivated, the journey proved to be a very difficult one, and I was met with a lot of resistance from the "old me" who had found comfort in my old ways. I could have eeeeasily given up many times and I definitely took some steps forward and some steps backward along the way but I just kept going. 

Throughout the journey I gained a lot of valuable experience, knowledge and tools that helped me overcome depression and that I still use to keep myself on the right path. At the time, my struggles were almost more than I could bare but I consider them now to be a blessing because they have equipped me to help others get through the trying times in their lives and this is what brings me the ultimate gratification. I am now living each day with purpose and passion by being a resource to empower my clients to take control of their lives and live in freedom.